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We Are Sincerely Different

Have you ever noticed how hard some banks make it to work with them?  Their rules and fine print read like encyclopedias. They claim its about choices, but it's really about confusion and fees.  Here at M&M Bank. We've decided to take a simpler route.

We remember when banking was about helping friends and neighbors manage their financial lives, find funding for their business dreams and achieve their business and personal financial goals.

We've designed our business services and accounts (and our other accounts too), to be less complex and less costly while still offering you the options that fit your needs.

At M&M Bank we are sincerely different. We truly like and respect our customers and take tremendous pride in being a part of their successes. We never forget that our customers are partners that provide the basis for our own success.

As they grow and refer their friends, colleagues, neighbors, suppliers and customers to us, M&M Bank grows further and faster.

Servicing all of the Chicago area including Southern Wisconsin and Northwest Indiana, we specialize in partnering with small and mid-size commercial and industrial companies. Often overlooked and frequently underserved, these businesses are the pistons in the engine of growth.

Our clients come to us to finance buildings, equipment, acquisitions, working capital and other ventures.

The giant banks use a formula approach to dealing with the market.

We take the time to understand the people, the companies and the needs they have. Our customers work with the decision-makers of the bank directly.

Decisions are made quickly with no bureaucratic red tape. We work with our customers throughout the entire process. At M&M Bank, we realize that the strength of the Bank is the strength of the business relationships we develop, in fact many of our customers have been with us for over 10 years and the roots of our commercial customers date back decades.

At Merchants & Manufacturers Bank, as the name implies, business banking is truly our specialty. We are truly fortunate and are dedicated to seeing our customer relationships grow and flourish.