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Online Banking and Cash Management

M&M Bank can help you manage your business finances securely and efficiently from almost anywhere in the world. With Online Business Banking, you can...

  • Access your accounts 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
  • Check account balances and transactions daily
  • Glance to see what checks/debits have cleared
  • Transfer funds between accounts
  • Export account information into many popular financial software programs.

No Need to Worry

With M&M Bank Business Online Banking you are invisible to online security offenders.

In addition to you, the online user, identifying yourself, M&M Bank's Business Online Banking will authenticate itself to you.  This multi-layer authentication lets you be assured with absolute certainty that you are logging onto our website, not an imposter, and that all online information is completely secure.

Online Cash Management

Manage your cash flow from the comfort of your home or office through the M&M Bank website. All of our Online Cash Management services are available with the convenience of Internet access.

We encourage you to maximize your earnings on your bank balances by easily moving money between M&M Bank accounts. Keep track of your daily transactions by viewing account histories on-line or by downloading financial data into most popular financial software.

Remote Deposit

No need to run to a bank branch to make a deposit. Remote Capture refers to the ability to deposit checks into a bank account from one's desk or office without having to physically deliver the actual check to the bank. This is accomplished by scanning a digital image of a check onto a computer then transmitting that image to the bank through the use of an M&M supplied check scanning machine. The funds are then deposited directly into your account at M&M Bank.

Remote deposit saves time and money because businesses who use it no longer have to send an employee or a courier to take their checks to the bank. Another benefit is that it cuts down on paperwork, and therefore reduces the chances of making mistakes or losing checks in the process of depositing them. Bounced checks also show up faster when processed through remote deposit.

Lock Box

Lock box banking is a service offered by M&M Bank that simplifies collection and processing of account receivables by having payments mailed directly to a P.O. Box location accessible by the Bank. For example, if you pay your electric or water bill with a paper check, it will likely go to a lockbox department at a bank.

How does it work? Our client’s customers send their payments to a PO Box which we have opened. Then M&M collects and processes these payments directly depositing them into our client’s account. Because the bank is making the collection, the funds that have been received are immediately deposited into the company’s account without first being processed by the company’s accounting system, thereby speeding up cash collection.