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M&M Bank Partners With CDM

M&M Bank Partners With Cornell Forge

Other Testimonials

"When my partner and I started our company in 2000, we needed a bank that could take a unique approach to lending. We needed bankers that could focus on us as individuals and judge us based upon what we've done in our industry — not on what kind of track record we had in running a business.

We knew we'd be successful; we just needed a lending partner that believed in us. After meeting with 11 different banks, we knew that M&M Bank was the clear choice. We told Larry Foy that we were facing a lawsuit from our old employer (which we won, as we knew we would); he looked past this challenge and saw an opportunity. 

Every business challenge we've faced since, we've been able to count on M&M Bank to be there for us — especially our biggest crisis following 9/11. The Bank worked with us to develop a plan to get through a period where other exhibit houses went out of business."

Tim Roberts, VP of Sales and Principal
Catalyst Exhibits, Crystal Lake, IL

"I had been banking with a large Chicago-Based bank for a number of years. Over a three-year period, M&M Bank called on me for my business. I had never heard of the bank — they were a tiny little bank in the middle of nowhere. Then, during a particularly hairy building purchase, my big bank gave up.

They pulled out of the deal 48 hours before I was to close. Left high and dry, I called up the M&M banker to see what he could do. Within 10 minutes, Merchants and Manufacturers Bank responded saying they could help. I had a $2 million check in my hands on the day of the closing — that night I fired my previous bank."

Ken Buckman, CEO
Tradetec Skyline Chicago, Lombard, IL

"I love working with the bank. They are extremely accommodating. Basically, they run their bank like we run our business, very customer oriented.”

Diane Coursey, Secretary/Accounting Manager, 
Engineered Components, Co., Elgin, IL

“The bulk of our financial concerns were with a large bank. However, we began to feel that the longer we were with the big bank, the less they seemed to have the need to provide the level of service we expected. We found that M&M Bank was very competitive and didn’t take long to make decisions. They’ve been extremely helpful and have never said ‘no’ when we’ve needed them.”

Carl Fleck, Owner, 
Gulf Great Lakes Packaging Corp., Dolton, IL

“We were referred to M&M Bank by our CPA when we mentioned that we weren’t happy with our previous bank. We needed a bank that was able to move quickly and decisively – M&M Bank fit the bill. The Bank has allowed us to take advantage of fast-changing situations that helped us grow. If you are looking for a great partner as a lender, go see these guys.”

Melissa Sarkisian, President
Xsys, Inc., Valparaiso, IN

"When I met with M&M Bank they didn’t talk like bankers – they talked like businessmen and really understood the needs of business owners. Within a few days, I switched my banking to M&M Bank, all predicated on a handshake. I’ve been with them since the fall of 2006 and they’ve done everything they said they would do.” 

Marvin Bearak, President
Justin Blair & Co., Chicago, IL

“The M&M Bank’s people make a difference – their advice, recommendations and lending power has fueled our growth by enabling us to buy another business. They understand the importance of getting to know their customers – and they are fun to work with.”

Tony Maffia, President/Owner
Rubber, Inc., Chicago, IL