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Get a flexible line of credit at a competitive interest rate.

Key Features

  • Competitive Rates
  • Flexible Terms
  • Local Decisions
  • Friendly Service
  • Competitive rates for several ongoing needs
  • The existing cash value of your life insurance is used as collateral 
  • Funds available anytime through a Revolving credit line
  • Payments are Interest only, billed quarterly
  • Principal payments are not required but can be made at any time
  • Quick decision-making and processing 
  • Attentive, friendly service from start to finish

M&M Bank has provided cash value lending solutions through its Life Equity Loan® program since 2003.  As lending experts, we work to provide a loan product having substantial benefits for you.  Our product makes your life insurance cash value an extremely versatile and cost-effective financial tool. 

  • Relationship: The LEL team of 9 employees makes sure there is someone available to answer a call, financial representative referral, brainstorm a case or make a policy change.
  • Knowledge: M&M has provided cash value lending solutions for several years and has significant cash value holdings through its Bank Owned Life Insurance.  
  • Streamlined application and underwriting process. Loan documents in 2-4 business days from receipt of all information.
  • Competitive interest rates typically lower than the rate from the Carrier and allow your policy to remain whole and earn full dividend performance.

Get Started

If you want more information or to begin the application process, please contact the LEL Team. The LEL team will likely respond within one business day.

Phone: (630) 575-9700
Email: [email protected]